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Pavey Group

swcomms provides Pavey Group with a resilient wide area network (WAN) and leased line connectivity to connect their two offices.

Pavey Group is a provider of insurance, risk management and financial services with more than 40 years of experience in offering expert advice and solutions. Established in 1971, Pavey Group has grown into one of the leading professional services firms in the south west. Pavey Group is situated on two sites with their head office in Torquay and another office in Exeter.

Business demands meant that Pavey Group needed to link these offices and their 80 members of staff together and provide real-time connectivity to shared resources. The Exeter office was totally dependent on the links to the main headquarters to access servers, applications and the internet and as such, it needed the highest level of resilience possible, as any downtime would mean that they would lose the ability to work effectively. This resilience could only be achieved through a multiple carrier network solution which would provide true separation and protection from either the loss of the link or the more complex carrier issues that often bring down entire carrier networks.

Managed wide area network solution
Pavey Group wanted a managed solution from a single supplier to allow them to focus on their business needs rather than the technology required. swcomms had previously provided Pavey Group with a WAN solution when they worked out of five offices. Pavey Group turned to us again when they consolidated their workforce into two offices. Their new WAN comprised of point to point leased lines to deliver private and secure connectivity between the sites to enable the use of shared services and resources. Resilience was achieved by using two leased line connections between the offices – one 100Mbps and the other 10Mbps. This resilience was further enhanced by using a different carrier for each leased line so, if one carrier suffered an outage, the other would still provide connectivity.

Key to this WAN was the solution management. So rather than having to source and negotiate with multiple carriers, which may have included managing several contracts with different completion dates, differing service levels and varying methods of fault notification and resolution, not to mention the aggravation of multiple contacts and reconciliation of multiple invoices, Pavey Group’s IT manager was able to entrust this arduous task to swcomms. In owning a purpose-built commercial data centre with a superior diverse carrier footprint, we have close relationships with all the major carriers and could take advantage of these relationships to supply a multiple carrier solution on a unified contract.

We also provided Pavey Group with a separate 100Mbps leased line connection to the internet from a third carrier. Continued support is provided with a platinum service level agreement to ensure Pavey Group’s needs are taken care of 24/7. This platinum SLA has been designed for mission-critical operations that require maximum resilience and have to be operational all the time.


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