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South East Employers is a not-for-profit organisation, based in Winchester, consisting of employment and workforce consultants that look to support businesses in the south-east of England.

The issue:

The company contacted swcomms when their existing phone system could not accommodate remote working, which they had needed during the pandemic. The existing system would only divert to a single mobile, not ideal for a team of five people all working from separate locations!

During lockdown, the company decided that they would look to permanently close their office location and continue to work from home, so needed a new flexible phone system.

The solution:

They had already been using Microsoft Teams as a way of keeping in touch with one another, and we recommended they expand upon their existing experience with it to utilise the Microsoft Teams Phone app. The initial meeting quickly developed into a full demonstration of the Teams system, exploring the features that the business would be able to benefit from by extending their licensing.

By integrating the Phone System app into their existing Teams set-up, South East Employers can both make and receive phone calls from any location, via any PC, laptop or mobile phone, so perfect for remote working. The business decided that as they no longer had an office, they had no need for traditional desktop handsets, instead opting to use headphones with the mobile and desktop applications.

Microsoft Teams also eliminated the issue of only being able to divert calls to a single mobile phone as all staff can receive calls independently.

South East Employers was keen to make use of the voicemail-to-email service. Should a customer call and find that staff are on other call, they have the option to leave a voicemail, which is then transcribed on an email and sent for retrieval at a convenient time.

With additional features, such as call forwarding, call routing options to take incoming callers to the right department, and colour indicators on the Teams app to show whether a member of staff is online, away or in a call, South East Employers’ staff are still able to communicate effectively with one another, despite working from multiple locations.

Plus, with the more standard licensing of Microsoft Teams, they can continue to hold video meetings, share files, and send instant messages instantly.

South East Employers’ staff were particularly keen on the admin portal, where they can make changes to the routing, schedules, automated attendant and queues, with no need to call out engineers and potentially saving them additional costs every time they need to make any changes to the system.

Following deployment of the solution, South East Employers now benefit from a dedicated account manager, plus assistance from our support desk should any issues arise.

The testimonial:

“From the initial contact to the training and implementation of the system, swcomms has been impressive. They listened to our needs as a business and for individuals working remotely, and tailored a solution that is right for us.

“They walked us through the transition from our previous provider to the Teams solution and ensured a smooth and trouble-free implementation.”

Sarah Cope, business development manager


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