Specialist Lighting Services

Specialist Lighting Services benefits from the reliability of a dedicated fibre internet leased line and Wi-Fi solution, while also enjoying the cost savings of migrating their existing telephone lines and calls to SIP voice services.


Based in Bristol, Specialist Lighting Services provides lighting design and supply services to commercial and industrial clients, such as universities, hospitals and airports.


Leased line for uncontended and symmetrical speeds
Specialist Lighting Services sought our advice when they found their broadband connection was no longer meeting their needs. We advised them to invest in a leased line to provide uncontended and symmetrical speeds, as well as a same-day service level agreement. We recommended a 30Mbps service on a 100Mbps bearer circuit with the option to scale up if they ever needed extra bandwidth. Although, Specialist Lighting Services were on-net for a Virgin connection, it would have involved digging up their car park on land that did not belong to them. As swcomms is not bound by any particular supplier, our cloud & connectivity team found a workable solution that still used the Virgin service but connected to their site via a BT link. Our engineers installed all kit, including the latest next generation Cisco firewall, and provide ongoing maintenance and support.


Migration to SIP
The leased line installation created a cost-saving opportunity to Specialist Lighting Services. This resilient connection meant we could migrate them from their ISDN services, including a fax line, to six channels of SIP. We upgraded the software of their existing Alcatel-Lucent Omni Office PCX telephone system and installed a router to facilitate the switch to SIP. By transferring their lines and calls to an internet-based service, all calls to UK landlines and mobiles are now free of charge. The business historically had also been charged 1.5 pence per minute to receive calls on the inbound number advertised on their website; these calls are free too.

WiFi solution
delivered a Cisco Meraki wireless solution, including three access points, to offer improved Wi-Fi coverage throughout the site. Staff had previously relied on a single router for the entire building and there were areas where the signal was very weak. The new solution meant they could use their mobile and meeting room devices with ease.


We also installed a power over ethernet (PoE) switch for their access points and handsets, while also future-proofing the business for Li-Fi. Specialist Lighting Services will cost-effectively operate low powered electrical goods, such as trade counter cameras, light fittings and emergency lighting, using the same switch and a single cable rather than using multiple cables.


Richard Ludlow, operations director, said: “From concept to implementation, swcomms delivered exceptional advice and support, and I commend their constant ability to provide such a high quality of service.”

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