Stewart Energy Insulation Ltd

Three sites are linked together with a wide area network and cloud-hosted telephone system from South West Communications Group.


Stewart Energy Insulation Ltd is the largest manufacturer of blown insulation processing equipment in the UK, supplying machinery for cavity wall insulation, spray, open blow and cavity wall cleaning.


Stewart Energy Insulation were already using a hosted solution linked by a virtual private network (VPN) serving their three sites in Gosport, Brackley and Stockport. However, the business was experiencing voice quality issues with calls dropping out, which meant they were at risk of losing business.


The business contacted us when they saw we had won an industry award for our hosted solutions and one of our sales managers went to visit them to find out more so he could put together a proposal that would support the business in the future.


The entire solution had to be built from the ground up, starting with the connectivity that would be used for the VPN and hosted telephone system. swcomms selected the best connections available in the area to meet their needs and budget. 


swcomms provided the VPN solution to link the sites, the LAN switches at each site, and the headquarters-based Cisco firewall that blocks any unwanted network threats and intrusion. This firewall is also used to analyse the business’s network traffic to prioritise what is critical, such as real-time voice traffic.


With this superior data infrastructure in place, swcomms was confident in rolling out a Horizon cloud-hosted telephony solution from Gamma as it would deliver the quality of service (QoS) and performance Stewart Energy Insulation needed, alongside the following benefits:

  • No upfront hardware costs
  • Monthly subscription-based model
  • Free calls to UK landlines and mobiles
  • Inclusive support costs
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Easy call handling and transfers
  • Flexible growth

We also integrated their telephony solution with their existing CRM software to improve their conversations with their customers.


Stewart Energy Insulation had the telephone system they needed to unite their three sites and by upgrading their VPN, their data experience has improved too. 


swcomms implemented a clear installation and training plan to make the transition to the new wide area network and cloud-hosted telephone system as smooth as possible. Stewart Energy Insulation relies on swcomms to support their solution on managed basis, so they only have to turn to one supplier for all these services.


Tasha Moore, Stewart Energy Insulation’s sales & customer servies advisor, said: “The Horizon solution from swcomms has significantly improved the quality of our VoIP. The Horizon Integrator used with our current CRM software has improved our client relations.“


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