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The Smugglers Inn

The Smugglers Inn benefits from a business-grade internet connection and cloud-hosted telephone system to meet their business needs after suffering the pain of a 10-day broadband outage.


The Smugglers Inn is a large pub in Dawlish, Devon, with an 80-seat restaurant and panoramic sea views.


As an existing client, The Smugglers Inn contacted us when they suffered an outage on their broadband service caused by an underlying fault on a BT line. The lack of broadband meant they could not take any card payments, they could not offer their guests WiFi access and they could not use their site-wide music system.


The Smugglers Inn owner Nick Stentiford said: “It was awful. Our customers were unhappy. They could not pay the way wanted to, there was no atmosphere because there wasn’t any music and they could not use the WiFi. You do not realise how much you rely on broadband until you lose it.”


Broadband was only ever designed to be used by the residential market and yet so many companies choose to run their businesses on it. Aside from inconsistent speeds, there are no service level agreements, which means there are no guaranteed fix times if a connection is lost. We advised Mr Stentiford to invest in an ethernet over fibre to the cabinet connection (EoFTTC) which could be delivered in a short time-frame.


This is a hybrid technology which uses superfast fibre to the cabinet infrastructure to deliver uncontended, guaranteed bandwidth and synchronous upload and download speeds. EoFTTC is a business-grade internet solution that also comes with a seven-hour service level agreement facilitated by our UK-based service desk.


Cloud-hosted telephone system
Aside from offering a reliable internet service for The Smugglers Inn’s card machines, music system and WiFi service, it also offered them connectivity that could be used to support a cloud-hosted telephone system, which would give them free calls to UK landlines and mobiles, to replace their existing 15-year-old model.


Mr Stentiford said: “The staff at swcomms were very helpful in getting us back online as soon as they could, as well as finding us a long-term solution to ensure we were better equipped than we were before. The internet connection is much improved and it is a massive comfort to know we have that guaranteed fix time. We really could not bear to go through an outage experience of that length again.


“The cloud-hosted phone system is a great improvement too. The people at swcomms were great in what was a real crisis for us but have supported us with sensible advice to achieve something better.”  

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