Wildern Multi-Academy Trust

Wildern Multi-Academy Trust comprises of Wildern School, a mixed secondary school in Hedge End, Hampshire, Boorley Park Primary School and a new secondary Deer Park School that opened in September 2021.

The issue:
Wildern and Boorley were using different phone systems, while new-build Deer Park did not have one at all. Wildern had an ageing Switchvox phone system that used outdated ISDN phone lines and was at risk of failing. Boorley had been trialling a 3CX system with SIP trunk voice services and there was an appetite to roll this system out to all three schools, but this would have been too expensive when the school looked at the total costs over a seven-year term.

Wildern Multi-Academy Trust

Like all schools, Wildern School wanted to be able to smoothly handle all their incoming calls and, should staff be working remotely off site, to transfer them easily to mobile devices.

The solution:
We deployed an Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise OXO Connect phone system at Wildern School for more than 100 users. The OXO Connect is a reliable, on-site phone system that offers all the features a school needs, including seamless call forwarding and pick-up between sites, voicemail-to-email for easy message retrieval, and automated attendant and absence line facilities for each school to ease call traffic congestion at reception level.

The trust was keen to re-use some of their existing IP handsets. They sent one to our engineering team and after some comprehensive testing, we were able to confirm functionality and provided a cheat-sheet for users to enable the handsets to be redeployed into low use areas and common areas.

Boorley used their existing handsets too while Deer Park had new Alcatel-Lucent IP models. All the desk handsets benefit from a paging facility whereby school-wide announcements can be made in the case of a lockdown, fire alarm, etc. to meet safeguarding requirements.

The OXO Connect also offers improved mobility via the Rainbow unified communications app that is used on PCs and mobile devices. Staff can receive, make and transfer calls from wherever they are working, on or off site, in the same way as they would at their desks.

We deployed a call recording solution for both incoming and outgoing calls as a safeguarding tool in the event of teachers calling a student or parent and/or to help resolve any disputes. Our solution saves up to10,000 minutes of calls for 10 days to enable a recording to be retrieved, if required, before being overwritten to meet GDPR requirements.

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