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Saving money for independent schools with technology

Posted by Yvonne Dennis on 04/01 at 10:00 AM Education, Cloud-hosted telephone systems, Microsoft Teams, On-premise telephone systems,
Saving money for independent schools with technology

How can something new cost less? This is something I get asked every day but it’s true in many cases, especially when independent schools are hanging onto older technology that is just not worth the expense.


How can old technology cost more?

Take a phone system. If you are using a traditional, on-site solution that uses ISDN lines, you will no doubt be paying for a maintenance agreement, line rental and calls. These costs mount up, which is a shame when you are paying for outdated technology.

All ISDN and PSTN copper telephone lines will be switched off by Openreach by the end of 2025 to make way for fibre services. Independent schools still using these need to switch to the internet-based alterative, SIP trunks, so they can make use of existing or improved internet connections to make and receive calls and to significantly reduce if not eliminate ongoing call costs.


Is pricing flexible?

These savings can be used to invest in a new phone system, either a traditional one that uses SIP services or a cloud-hosted solution that uses internet connections for voice traffic. As they can be paid for on a monthly basis, these costs can be offset by the savings made on cheaper line rental, lower call costs, and inclusive software upgrades and support.

Where independent schools already use Microsoft Teams, they can find further savings on their Phone System app as they receive the basic Microsoft 365 licensing for free and favourable rates on the extended licensing required.


An advantageous investment.

As well as benefiting from an updated phone system that will give the school improved call capacity and functionality, it is an investment that illustrates that school fees are being used to maintain excellent communication channels with parents.

I speak to many independent schools and budget is always the key issue when investing in new technology, including new local area networks and Wi-Fi, but often hanging onto old technology proves more costly in the long run. I would urge you to speak to me to see how our solutions could benefit your independent school. 

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Yvonne Dennis on 04/01/2022

Yvonne is a senior business development consultant with 19 years' of experience in the business communications industry.

She develops long-term relationships with potential customers. Some of these relationships have been nurtured over a number of years and she prides herself on holding timely and professional conversations with her contacts based on accurate knowledge of their business needs.

Yvonne deals with larger prospective clients, including many from the public sector, such as schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, and local government bodies. As a result, she is part of the tender response team.

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