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Business telephone solutions - hybrid

Hybrid telephone systems

Hybrid phone systems are all about the flexibility of combining traditional and new voice technologies either in a single site solution or within a multi-site environment. Businesses are using a blend of on-premise phone solutions, internet-based voice services, and integrated cloud apps to give them best of both worlds. 

What is a hybrid phone system?

A hybrid telephone system brings you the benefits of modern internet-based voice services, on-premise telephony, and digital or analogue handsets on a single platform. 

It’s the ideal solution when a business wishes to upgrade to SIP voice services to replace outdated PSTN and ISDN phone lines but wants to continue using its existing handsets and on-site cabling.

It also benefits businesses that may want to blend their on-premise phone system with the flexibility of a cloud service for their remote or mobile staff members. This truly hybrid model can be achieved using feature-rich apps that can be accessed via mobile devices and PCs.

Hybrid phone system

Benefits of a cloud-hosted phone system

No need to update internal cabling

You may not have the budget to completely re-cable your premises to accommodate a VoIP business phone system, or your building is listed or could be difficult to re-cable, but you still want to upgrade to use internet-based voice services, such as SIP, and get the latest telephony features. A hybrid phone system is perfect in this scenario.

Beat the PSTN and ISDN switch-off

By switching to SIP, you will beat Openreach’s deadline scheduled for the end of 2025. All businesses will be required to use these internet-based voice services by this time and a hybrid phone system paves the way for using this technology while enjoying a range of other benefits.

Reduce call costs

SIP will eliminate your reliance on legacy PSTN and ISDN lines as it will either use an existing internet connection (if suitable) or a new one, to help you benefit from reduced call costs. You can also enjoy business continuity and management of your entire number estate with the purchase of complementary software.

Protect your investment

You can depreciate the purchase of your hardware to really sweat the asset to get the best return on your investment. A number of our on-premise customers hold onto a phone system for more than 10 years meaning that the total cost of ownership vs a hosted telephony solution will be significantly less. 

Best hybrid telephone system for your business

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

We partner with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, whose portfolio includes the excellent OXO Connect and OXE Connect on-premise and hybrid phone systems. They have recently released a new range of hybrid handsets that can be used in both a digital and VoIP environment, and have developed their unified communications app, Rainbow, to enable you to handle calls whenever and wherever on mobile and PC devices.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I turn my existing on-premise phone system into a hybrid solution?

That very much depends on the type of phone system you currently have. Some will be too old to support SIP, and are likely to be end of life anyway, but many can be upgraded with new software, so you can protect your original investment while migrating to SIP to future-proof your business communications and benefit from reduced call costs.

2. Are there disadvantages of a hybrid phone system?

You will still have to look after your hardware, but with a support level agreement in place from a supplier like us, that should not be a problem. We sell plenty of hybrid VoIP phone systems, so we know they are viable business solutions. 

3. Will I have to switch to a full VoIP solution eventually?

As long as your internal cabling can continue to support your phone system, there is no reason you cannot continue to use a hybrid telephone system. That said, these solutions can form the ideal stepping stone towards a full VoIP solution so you can move at your own pace…with our guidance of course!    

4. What do you need to support the cloud apps that accompany a hosted phone system?

You just need a connection to the internet, so remote and mobile workers can use their home Wi-Fi or 45 and 5G, etc. This will enable them to make and receive calls on their mobile devices or PCs while still being connected to the office-based phone system for easy transfers and displaying the main business number for outgoing calls along.

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