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Hybrid telephone systems

Hybrid systems are all about flexibility by combining traditional and new technologies either in a single site solution or within a multi-site environment. This could mean integrating IP users and applications into a legacy digital solution to save companies having to invest in a complete overhaul of their hardware and wiring.


Or more prevalent these days, we are seeing a blend of on-premise and cloud-hosted telephone solutions to give businesses the best of both worlds.

Hybrid telephone systems

Hybrid telephone systems like these are suitable for businesses of all sizes but we are a seeing trend towards companies with central offices using an on-premise solution with remote offices, users and overseas locations linking to it using a cloud service.


We have also seen multi-site businesses use our data centre to host their centralised telephone system to provide added resiliency, safe in the knowledge their offices will be able to work independently should connectivity be lost at a single site.


Hybrid covers a myriad of flexible options and the use of the term is ever-evolving. We have experience in every possible combination and would welcome the opportunity to discuss the right one for your business.


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