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Cloud-hosted telephone systems

No longer a technology in its infancy, a cloud-hosted telephone system is the perfect solution for all businesses. With a superior network and service levels now available, a cloud solution is a mainstream VoIP choice with many businesses deploying one in recent years. 

And who would blame them, when you consider the following benefits:

Cost control
There is no major hardware investment and no financing costs; you only pay for what you need on a simple per user per month basis – thereby enjoying an OPEX model rather than CAPEX – while benefitting from inclusive installation, software updates and ongoing support costs.

Inclusive calls
You will benefit from free calls to UK landlines and mobiles.

Hosted telephone system

Suits all
A cloud-hosted telephone system can be used by businesses of all sizes, especially those that want to link sites or employ a mobile workforce that uses both desk phones and mobile devices.

Flexible working
Callers dial one number to reach your desk phone and mobile phone simultaneously; you can move ongoing calls seamlessly from one phone to another without hanging up and both phones share a single voicemail box, so you never miss a call or a message.

Feature rich
You will still benefit from all the features of an on-premise telephone system, such as call queuing, call recording, reporting, wall boards, automated attendant, hot desking, home working, etc.

A cloud-hosted solution offers resilience that had previously been unavailable or cost prohibitive. No matter what happens to your offices, your phone system will always be available. In the event of a disaster, you will be able to automatically receive calls on your mobile, home phone or at an alternative office or site.

You can grow your business across as many locations as you require. There is no need for expensive cards, expansion modules and engineering visits, just an additional price per user. A cloud-hosted solution has almost limitless capacity meaning that you’ll never hit a point where you will have to ‘rip it out and start again’.

Up-to-date and simple to manage
With the software operating your telephone system being constantly updated, you will never have to replace it or invest in the latest software versions, as it will never become obsolete. It is also very simple to manage with a web-based portal giving you administrative control across all your sites to negate the need to call in third party engineers for moves, adds and changes.

Remote working
Staff can work just as easily at home with a handset plugged into their router, by twinning their mobiles with their office phone desk handset or using a mobile app. Home workers are more relevent now than ever and a cloud-hosted system enables a business phone to work equally well at home as it does in the office.

We know most businesses will eventually reach the point when they need to upgrade their telephone system. Sometimes it’s obvious when it’s the right time to upgrade – like when the finance director tells you it’s time to cut costs. Sometimes the signs aren’t so obvious, but they could indicate the time is right to move your PBX to the cloud sooner rather than later.

We supply a range of options, including public cloud-hosted telephone systems, such as Gamma’s Horizon, data-centre-hosted solutions, including Alcatel-Lucent’s OXO Cloud Connect, and the Microsoft Teams telephony and unified communications app.

If you are considering a cloud-hosted telephone system, we would love to hear from you so our experts can explain the benefits, call us directly on 0800 054 6789 for a no-obligation quote or email us at

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