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Web & email filtering

With today’s web consisting of email and more than a trillion pages, how can you trust what you view or receive isn’t malicious or plagued with a virus? We provide intelligent content analysis for email and web traffic to protect your staff and to secure your business network 24/7/365.

Web filtering
It does not matter if your business is located on a single site, multiple locations or in a managed office, you’re still at risk from viewing online content that could potentially penetrate your network and cause huge amounts of damage.

We provide layer 7 application-aware filtering that can identify more than 100 different kinds of traffic, even when it doesn’t want to be identified, including video chat, streamed media and gaming file sharing. 

When a device attempts to access a web page, the address is checked against a database of URLs. This dynamic content analysis accurately categorises and blocks all undesirable content, scans website signatures to prevent the use of anonymous proxies, provides advanced reporting to understand and interpret usage, and monitors web activity and traffic in real-time.

We can also integrate with directly with your Active Directory for granular identity based policies that are bespoke to the user, so websites can be easily whitelisted for selected users. This results in you having peace of mind and an easily policed web usage policy.


Email security
With spam becoming an increasing issue, the concern is not about how irritating it can be but how damaging it could be with many of these emails containing some form of malicious attachment, such as malware or phishing software. We employ anti-virus, anti-spam, image and content control software which features zero-hour protection services to protect your environment at cloud level, which means that your bandwidth and network will not be affected by unwanted or malicious mail.

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