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Cellular internet

Cellular internet

Cellular wireless internet, such as 4G or 5G, does not rely on physical cables therefore will not be affected by exchange or infrastructure issues. We deploy routers with integrated SIM cards to either provide a temporary connection while waiting for a leased line to be installed or as back-up connectivity.

What is cellular internet?

Cellular internet, sometimes referred to as cellular ethernet or mobile broadband, utilises the power of 4G or 5G mobile connectivity, to create a private connection to the internet where wired technologies are simply not available.

It is the permanent nature of the connection which differentiates it from a domestic 4G data connection. It can replicate the capabilities of a wired connection to deliver a static IP, vLANs and even enable SIP traffic to flow seamlessly alongside data.

If you have applications running over your wired broadband or a leased line, they can now run over cellular internet. This mobile network-powered connectivity has much to offer.

Benefits of cellular internet

Back-up connectivity

As cellular internet does not rely on physical cables it is not be affected by exchange or infrastructure issues. We deploy routers with integrated 4G SIM cards as back-up solutions using a hot standby router protocol (HSRP) to switch between the wired connection and the cellular router in the event of an outage on your primary connection

Quick deployment

A 4G or 5G SIM and router can be deployed in just days. It can also be used for a short time, so if you run a ‘pop-up’ business, cellular connectivity can be used in one location before moving to another one or as a temporary solution while you wait for fixed connectivity to be delivered.


A business-grade cellular internet solution comes with a static IP address, which is critical if your business relies on this for authentication. It also offers enhanced security compared to an everyday 4G SIM to ensure your business data remains private despite using a mobile network.

Supports virtual networks

Cellular wireless internet solutions support vLANs so you can utilise part of your bandwidth for voice-only traffic to maintain quality of service for real-time conversations. The rest of your bandwidth can be used for data purposes. 

Does my business need cellular wireless internet?

You need back-up connectivity

Cellular internet access is often used as back-up connectivity to a main connection. Historically, building resilience into any internet connectivity solution or wide area network (WAN) relied on investment in secondary wired failover connections such as broadband, but cellular internet offers a wireless alternative that will be unaffected by exchange or infrastructure issues.

Waiting for a leased line

When a business orders an internet leased line, there can be a delay in provision while the new cables are being laid. To bridge the termination of one contract to another or migration from one connectivity technology to another, cellular internet can provide a short-term solution. 

You work off the grid

Not-spots are off-grid areas where the connectivity infrastructure does not supply high enough speeds. Sometimes these challenges can be overcome by running multiple broadband lines to the same premises, but a cellular solution maybe more suitable. If there is decent coverage from the mobile networks, it could be faster than plugging into your local exchange.

Frequently asked questions

1. Are all cellular solutions equal?

Cellular internet is not a basic 4G or 5G SIM. It is a business-grade solution that keeps your data private. It supports vLANs too so you can separate your internet traffic to suit your needs. Cellular internet also offers a static IP address which many business systems rely on for authentication.

2. How does cellular internet achieve hardware redundancy?

Hardware redundancy is achieved by using hot standby router protocol (HSRP) to switch between the wired connection and the cellular router. If your primary connection fails, then all your traffic will be directed via the cellular internet service, to keep your business operational while the fault is being resolved.

3. Can you use 5G SIMs for cellular internet?

5G cellular modems are not widely available yet, but where they are, businesses are advised to make use of this latest technology. Remember, these are not the same as SIMs we use away from work, so it is best to stick with the business-grade 4G and 5G cellular internet solutions.

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