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Internet leased lines

Internet leased lines

Internet leased lines are critical for a business that demands 100% uptime. A dedicated leased line connection offers secure and uncontended connectivity that delivers guaranteed bandwidths that can be scaled up as required. They can also be segregated for dedicated voice and data use to guarantee quality of service (QoS).

What is an internet leased line?

A dedicated leased line is a private connection between two sites or a business site and a cloud or internet service that is for the sole use of your business. As an uncontended product, you do not have to share it with anyone else as you would with broadband services.

An internet leased line offers symmetrical connectivity, so you get the same speeds for both upload and download of up to 10Gbps, so they are ideal for sending large files and using real-time applications.

Leased line providers use these circuits to create wide area networks to connect business sites together so they can share resources and access the internet.

Internet leased lines

Benefits of an internet leased line

Private connection

Your leased line will only ever be used by your business so you will never be affected by other businesses in your area in the way that connectivity can drop or slow down when we use our broadband at home. This guaranteed connectivity will ensure your business is working at its most productive pace.

Symmetrical download and upload speeds

A business leased line gives you guaranteed symmetrical speeds of up to 10Gbps to add real zip to your daily tasks when sharing resources or enjoying quick access to the internet. You can rely on guaranteed speeds for faster data processing and file sharing, and effective use of cloud-services and VoIP phone systems.


Although fibre broadband is offering fast speeds these days, it is still a broadband product and as such, doesn’t come with a service level agreement to get you back online as soon as possible. Most leased lines have SLAs guaranteeing a five-hour fix and are ideal for businesses that rely on their internet connection.

Reliable uptime

With SLAs guaranteeing a fix, you can enjoy 99.999% uptime for your business. If you have ever suffered an internet outage, you will remember the pain and the potential cost of lost business. If you cannot afford to lose connectivity and considered it a mission-critical tool, a leased line would be the right choice.

Does my business need an internet leased line?

Lots of people or lots of data

If you work in a big office with a large staff headcount or a smaller office that processes a lot of data or sends and receives large files, then a leased line would help you work more productively. Broadband products can slow you down; leased lines give you the speeds you paid for.

Reliant on cloud services

Our reliance on internet-based data and applications is growing every year, so even if you don’t expand your personnel, it’s likely your data or applications usage will. You need to ask yourself how your business would be affected if you could not access these cloud services. Leased line SLAs mean you are never offline for long.

Embracing remote working

If you need to link to other sites or remote workers that want to securely connect to your systems and servers, a leased line will have the bandwidth to cope with multiple, concurrent VPN connections so your staff can be just as productive as they would if they were in the office.

Frequently asked questions

1. Difference between a leased line and broadband

Privacy, speed and support. A leased line is all yours. With broadband, you share the connection with users around you. Leased line connections are symmetrical, so you get the same upload and download speeds. You get a service level agreement with a leased line, but not with broadband connections.

2. What if I need more bandwidth?

Leased lines are the only type of connectivity with built-in scalability. Upon placing the order, you select your required bandwidth for use on day one as well as the bearer bandwidth which is the maximum you can scale to without the need to install additional capacity e.g. 100Mpbs on a 1Gbps bearer or 100Mb/1Gb.

3. What are the disadvantages of using a leased?

With all its benefits, it is unsurprising that leased lines are more expensive than broadband products, but prices are falling all the time. They also take longer to deliver as their installation may involve dig works, but it’s worth the wait! Openreach provide an allowance towards delivery to keep costs down.

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