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Local area networks

In today’s IT-driven world, a lot of investment is being made into faster internet connections, security, firewalling, virtualisation, unified communications solutions, etc. while the local area network (LAN) is sometimes left behind. Ironically, the LAN is critical to all of these services to provide a fast, secure and reliable means of transporting data and voice. 


A stable, up-to-date LAN also provides cost savings through a more efficient and available workforce able to access all your business services. Additional savings can be made through the latest advances in power consumption and dynamic power over ethernet (PoE) allowing devices to be powered down from the LAN when not in use, e.g. when the office is closed overnight.


We can ensure your LAN remains stable with our managed network service. Our engineers remove the complexity of looking after your LAN allowing your IT staff to focus on strategic projects. Most importantly, your network moves into the hands of our expert team of accredited engineers with proactive monitoring and maintenance 24/7. swcomms will proactively monitor, optimise, diagnose and repair any managed service device.



Consultancy-based approach
Like all IT systems, a LAN needs regular updates, but we also understand how stretched IT departments have become, so we provide a consultancy-based approach to identify your key requirements and tailor a solution that can grow as you do. This can include the deployment of new infrastructure cabling, switches and routers, as well as advice on protection from internal threats.

A recent security report advised that 39%* of data leaks and breaches originate from inside the business. As part of the LAN design process, we can advise on best practices to protect your LAN from internal threats.

We would love to hear from you if you considering an upgrade of your LAN.


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