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Managed wide area networks

Wide area networks (WANs) span large geographical areas to link multiple sites together to help your business become more cohesive and efficient while also saving you money. With WAN connectivity, the office 200 miles away feels just like the room next door. You can share information, documents, reports, query databases and search through thousands of records in just seconds. With a WAN solution in place, you can share your internal resources, streamline costs and monitor activity across the network.

Range of modern connectivity technologies
With more than 35 years’ experience our engineers are able to design, deploy and manage the most efficient, secure and cost-effective WAN solution for your business. By using a wide range of modern technologies, including internet leased lines, point to point links, virtual private networks (VPN) and multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) we can ensure your site has secure connectivity at all times.

Managed wide area network

Next generation iWAN/SD-WAN
Businesses are seeing the cost savings and increase in performance when they roll out intelligent wide area network (iWAN) solutions iWANs utilise software defined networking (SDN) to take WANs to the next level by deploying intelligent routers at the core of the network that route traffic based on multiple real-time criteria.

SDN is characterised by intelligent decision-making on the route and content each packet should take over the network based on numerous key factors. With a robust iWAN solution, your system automatically scales your bandwidth to suit the requirements of your guests, staff and contractors with real-time monitoring to define they speed required for the content.

Because iWAN is transport independent, you can achieve true load-balancing across multiple mediums, even between internet VPN and MPLS circuits for example. This technology means that failover is no longer active passive and that each and every available pathway is utilised to the network and often means that lower cost connections can be used to emulate the performance of more expensive leased lines.

With our technical expertise, we are able to install your iWAN solution and maximise the smooth flow of data, save costs on connectivity and emulate the performance of an expensive leased line.


Through a continued and significant investment in an EtherCloud, we now have more than 900 points of presence throughout the UK. We fulfil the carrier function having full routing and IP responsibility enabling us to guarantee compliance for industry standards such as PCI DSS.

This EtherCloud service guarantees low latency and maximum uptime on all links. IP addressing, fault response, fault clearance, routing protocols, management and reporting of traffic flow, uptime and bandwidth utilisation are all in our complete control. Low latency makes this an ideal network for real-time applications, such as VoIP and latency intolerant applications, including video and digital dictation.

EtherCloud circuits can be delivered within 45 days and we provide you with portal access to monitor your network and check on circuit uptime, bandwidth utilisation, traffic flow and configuration, and even set alarms to alert you to network issues.

As part of our service, we work with customers and advise them on the key benefits of building a failover into every WAN to ensure continuity of service. Failover should be automatic and operationally transparent to your customers and have no effect to them and ensure business continuity for you and your staff.

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