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Connectivity - wireless local area networks and wifi

Wireless local area networks & Wi-Fi

In today’s workplace environment, the ability to work flexibly and securely is becoming more important. With improvements in the speed and reliability of wireless networks, businesses are now able to embrace borderless networking for their employees. Through a properly designed and managed wireless local area network (wLAN), you can improve efficiency, cut costs, and open up new business opportunities, extra revenue streams and provide a valuable service to your customers.

We carry out site and desktop-based surveys before designing a solution around your requirements, whether you are looking to the cloud or for an on-premise or for corporate use or guest. All our solutions are secure and can be integrated with your telephone system to support wireless handsets and smartphones.

We always look to bring the latest advances in technology to the market to help our customers meet their objectives and the latest of these is the second generation of wireless AC technology called WAVE2. WAVE2 is the first true multi-user (MU-MIMO) wireless access standard allowing an access point to maintain four concurrent conversations with different devices at the same time giving significant performance and efficiency improvements compared with traditional Wi-Fi.

We can bring you the latest in customer analytics and engagement to maximise the return on investment of your Wi-Fi network. Our solutions - from Cisco MerakiRuckus and Ubiquity - enable you to engage with your customers when they connect, while they are connected and after they have disconnected. We can also link to a payment gateway for customers accessing the wireless network, generating an additional revenue stream for your business.


We can also maintain the performance of your Wi-Fi network with our managed network service. Our engineers remove the complexity of looking after your Wi-Fi solution thus allowing your IT staff to focus on strategic projects. Most importantly, your network moves into the hands of our expert team of accredited engineers with proactive monitoring and maintenance. We will also optimise, diagnose and repair any managed service device, such as access points.

You may have already joined the BYOD revolution to enjoy the cost savings and productivity-boosting benefits it brings or you may be concerned about the threat it poses to your network security. However, these fears can be easily allayed through mobile device management, which allows security settings to be activated during working hours to protect the user.

Guest Wi-Fi
There is no doubt that lack of decent Wi-Fi is one of the most complained about topics in customer satisfaction surveys. By having a reliable and secure guest Wi-Fi solution you can raise the profile of your venue or business and distinguish you from your competition.

Our Wi-Fi solutions have been embraced by caravan parks, cafés, restaurants, shopping centres, conference centres, hotels and leisure parks alike, and they have seen a rapid return on their investment. These solutions are fit for purpose and are able to cope with sending and receiving emails, instant messaging and web browsing, as well as online gaming, live streaming and social media activity.

Contact us on 0800 054 6789 or via email to discuss your Wi-Fi needs to see if we can help you achieve productivity, profitability and customer service goals.


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