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Data backup

In today’s business environment, even a few minutes of application outage or irrecoverable data can lead to loss of revenue, customers and reputation.

For many companies, the main culprits for data loss are employees who make daily calls to their IT managers looking for a document they have deleted by mistake. More devastating though is the loss of data through hardware, software and, more recently, ransomware. Businesses need to protect their critical data with a solid and robust backup and replication platform.

Data backup

Our data backup solutions protect your data by compressing and encrypting it, using SSL encryption, before automatically transferring it to one of our data centres. After the initial data capture, our solution will only copy the changes in your files and databases meaning it is highly efficient and available on low bandwidth connections or when you need to balance between bandwidth and backup window.

We use backup and replication solutions that allow businesses to rewind the clock back to a time before the loss occurred or alternatively failover partially or fully to the replica virtual machines at the remote location for continuation of service as part of their disaster recovery (DR) plan. Business continuity (BC) planning enables a business to return back to normal service following a disaster recovery event.

What is important when looking at DR or BC planning?

  • What are my critical applications?
    All applications should be ranked in order of how critical they are to the day to day running of the business
  • Recovery point objective (RPO)
    For each critical category of applications, a decision must be made about how much data you feel comfortable losing, i.e. an hour, a day, a week or none at all
  • Recovery time objective (RTO)
    Deciding how long your business can wait before the application or data is available for use again

As an example a company may decide to follow: Critical applications like email, accounts packages and CRM may have a 10-minute RPO i.e. maximum of 10 minutes lost and a zero-hour RTO i.e. be instantly available following the disaster. Conversely for less critical applications, it may be acceptable to have a one-day RPO and a two-day RTO.

We can help guide you towards the solution that will fit with your need above. Please get in touch with our experts to find out more.

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