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If your business could not survive even for a short time without access to critical data, you need to consider a disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity solution.

Replication enables data recovery after any disaster. You benefit from the ability to redirect your workforce to a location where they can access your replicated critical applications and data, which means you are able to continue working as if the disaster had not happened.

Multiple servers can be replicated to a single repository server located at either one of our data centres or in the cloud.

Replication services

In the event of an outage, your selected applications and data can be recovered from the repository to its original location or to a different in-house server. Alternatively, we can hold them on a live server.

If you have a virtualised platform such as VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V at your primary site, we can implement a Veeam solution off site, which will give you full replication of your local virtual and physical servers.

DR planning
This replicated platform will simply lie dormant until the disaster happens at which time it can be accessed via the internet or from one of our DR suites, which have private fibre connectivity to our primary data centre giving a turnkey solution for your DR planning.

Many of our customers use one of our data centres as their DR site. This represents a hybrid cloud solution with part of your data stored on site and a replica in a cloud facility. Some businesses use the hybrid model as their first step towards investing in a cloud-only solution.

For more information on replication, please do not hesitate to contact one of our disaster recovery experts.