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Business mobiles

We offer bespoke mobile connectivity solutions that reflect the diversity of your business needs by using a blend of simple pay-as-you-consume services, cost-effective business bundles for group or single users, and all-inclusive packages with unlimited calls and texts alongside flexible data options.

Business mobiles from swcomms - Handsets to tariffs

As an official partner of our mobile provider, we have full responsibility for all aspects of customer service, billing and operational aspects, such as number porting, meaning you will only ever deal with us at swcomms in relation to your service.


Our web-based billing platform enables you to view your call traffic on a daily basis to provide analysis and cost control; you can view which calls were the longest or the most expensive, or even which numbers are most frequently dialled.


Automated emails can also be set to notify you of any calls that exceed predefined criteria thus empowering you with tools to proactively manage and control your call costs.

Line rental and call charges are broken down by cost centre and itemised within a single invoice.

Mobile boosters
Poor mobile coverage has been identified as a major reason for the restriction of choice for business customers. Our mobile network booster allows users in a bad signal area to make and receive calls on their mobiles and to prevent them from missing incoming calls because of a lack of signal.

The network booster uses a landline-based broadband connection and calls are routed to the network via the broadband line to gain improvements to both coverage and capacity, especially indoors. Users benefit from improved coverage and potentially better voice quality.

A single network booster can have up to 25 mobile telephone numbers registered for use and has a capacity of up to four simultaneous mobile connections at any one time. These can be voice, data or a mixture of either within a maximum range of 10 metres.

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