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Fixed lines

Our fixed lines service provides businesses with SIP, ISDN and PSTN lines while offering a range of support, fault rectification and fraud detection services, and a UK-based single point of contact for all billing queries and fault reporting.

Capped charges
Our line rental charges are capped for the duration of your contract meaning you have a fixed and known cost for budgeting purposes and are not exposed to inflationary price increases.

Fixed lines for SIP, ISDN and PSTN

Call traffic reports
We also offer inbound call analysis reports to ensure you are making and answering your calls efficiently. Our clear statistics can provide telling data on calls answered, calls unanswered, the amount of times callers are greeted with an engaged tone to reveal a need for more or less lines, voicemail ports or the need to review staff working hours.

Contact us if your current contract is coming to an end and you would like to investigate an alternative.

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