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Fraud management

Telecoms fraud, also known as dial-through fraud, phone fraud, PBX fraud and phreaking, is becoming more widespread and companies are inadvertently falling victim to the actions of sophisticated criminals or disgruntled employees.

The ensuing phone bill can cost a company thousands of pounds and non-payment puts them at risk of losing their lines altogether. Rather than waiting for an unwelcome monthly bill, which may prove financially crippling, we monitor your call activity on a daily basis to look for call profiles that do not fit your business. When we detect such activity we take action to contact you and alert you to the situation.

Fraud management services

Limit your liability
In fact, we are so confident in our ability to detect abuse such as dial through fraud that we limit customers’ liability to £750 per line for any instance of fraudulent activity when customers take our Fraud Management Service option.

This service means that if we are unable to contact you, because the fraud is happening over a weekend for example, we can put measures in place to cease the calls and protect you against a subsequent attack.

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