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SIP trunks

With ISDN being phased out by BT in 2025, businesses are identifying alternative solutions for their phone lines. Session initiation protocol or SIP trunks are one of the recommended ways forward for replacing your existing PSTN and ISDN lines. SIP trunks are a highly cost-effective and flexible.

Benefits of switching to SIP include:

Reduced costs
SIP trunks are provided at lower rental charges than traditional analogue PSTN telephone lines or digital ISDN telephone lines, plus they have the added benefit of free call charges to UK mobile and landline destinations.

Swift deployment & flexibility
They can be provided very swiftly and existing geographic numbers can be retained. Extra channels can be quickly added to accommodate business growth.

SIP Trunks

SIP backup
SIP Standby provides a disaster recovery solution in the event of any failure with the business’s internet provider.

Online and mobile app portal control
Login to your portal from any device to view your dashboards and have the latest information about your business calls.

Call queuing
Easily configure incoming calls and queue them to destination numbers of your choice to assist with call handling during peak busy periods.

Number flexibility & business continuity
As SIP numbers are attached to IP addresses, they have no geographic restrictions and can be routed to any location where an IP connection is available. If a business needs to relocate because of a fire, flood, etc., the published number can be transferred seamlessly without loss of service.

Geographic presence
The non-geographic nature of SIP trunks also mean that their numbers can be used for marketing purposes to create a local or national presence. For example, a business could have an Exeter dialling code number even if it is based in Bristol.

Advanced call handling features
These features can be tailored via web and app control to offer you:

  • Control of entire number estate
  • Redirect inbound calls to achieve business continuity
  • Call routing according to business hours and call handling preferences
  • View call handling performance at a glance
  • Email notification of any unanswered and engaged calls
  • Ability to set up hunt groups
  • Queue incoming calls and load balance calls during busy periods
  • Customise voicemail messages
  • Online access to comprehensive call statistics
  • Connectivity choices

When considering SIP trunks, it is important to consider the technical and cost merits of the various internet connectivity options available as the service is only as good as the connection used to deliver it. SIP has traditionally been offered over broadband links which by definition are not carrier-class and will not guarantee the call quality your customer would expect. Industry suggestions are to provide a voice assured internet connection to assure the highest level of call quality.

To discuss voice assured internet connections and migrating your business telephone lines to SIP, please do not hesitate to contact one of our advisors.

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