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Managed server environments

How would your business cope if you could not access your data, CRM or email for a few hours, days or even longer? For most businesses, any downtime means work simply grinds to a halt, customers’ orders won’t get processed, your website is no longer accessible and you have no way of contacting anyone via email.


To protect yourself from potential downtime, your servers should be in a suitable environment, which means them being:

  • Kept cool in a temperature-controlled environment
  • Connected to a smooth and uninterruptible resilient power supply
  • Regularly monitored
  • Protected from unauthorised access
  • Securrely linked to your internal network
  • Continuously connected to the internet

Managed servers

Ensuring these elements are met 24/7/365 can be time consuming and costly to your business.

We provide businesses with dedicated server environments within our fully maintained and supported data centres, thereby releasing internal IT personnel from mundane infrastructure-related tasks enabling them to support the business more effectively. All this is achievable for a fixed monthly fee without any costly capital expenditure.

Professional services


Migration of your servers can be a daunting task. We work closely with customers to ensure a seamless relocation from your on-site facilities or other hosting providers to our data centres.

Our PRINCE2 accredited project management team will liaise with existing IT suppliers to ensure a high quality service is consistently delivered with the minimum of disruption.

We also provide 24-hour proactive monitoring of the power, network connections and Internet bandwidth that are vital for the smooth running of your service while also regularly troubleshooting any other potential issues, essentially acting as a highly qualified extension of your IT team.


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