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The amount of data the world is creating has risen dramatically through the increased usage of mobile devices and cloud storage. This trend is set to continue as more businesses adopt cloud applications to help optimise their communications tools and improve business performance. Ensuring your data is safely stored with the highest level of security in the most suitable environment is essential to your business.

At the beginning of 2001, we built our UK-based data centre at our Exeter head office to offer businesses the security, reliability and availability they needed within the optimum environment. With capacity for more than 600 cabinets, our scalable data centre can host the key functions of your business without the risk of keeping your data on site.

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Key benefits of using our Exeter data centre include:

  • Managed security access Privacy and security is assured with escorted, three-tiered access, CCTV surveillance, 24-hour monitored alarms, and an ISO 27001-compliant secure storage area
  • Highly resilient Cisco infrastructure Our Cisco trained engineers have set up the infrastructure to the highest standard to ensure no single point of failure
  • Managed environment Optimum environmental conditions are complemented by a resilient, clean and smooth power supply fed by multiple sub stations supported by N+2 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and an on-site diesel generator
  • Carrier neutral As a carrier neutral data centre, we have connections from seven carriers, five diverse building entry points and multiple cable pathways, to avoid any possibilities of downtime. These enable us to provide multi-homed internet bandwidth to wide area networks connected to the data centre
  • Fire prevention Our data centre includes VESDA early warning monitoring system to provide fire prevention throughout the area
  • Off-site facilities for engineers Our site also includes a dedicated secure workspace for engineers for to carry out any required work on your hosted servers
  • 24/7/365 on-site monitoring Regular checks are carried out by our certified networking team

In 2016, we invested in a 10Gbps backbone between our data centre and Europe’s largest data centre, Next Generation Data in Newport, Wales.

By linking to this 750,000sq ft facility, we have created a multi-data centre infrastructure to give businesses a compelling alternative to data centres located in London, Manchester and other large cities and to provide access to many of the world’s tier-1 service providers.

Businesses are taking advantage of our data centres and the breadth of services we can provide, which include:

Co-location services
We can provide our flexible and scalable co-location service for customers who want us to host their own server equipment to ensure its always on, always secure and always available.

Disaster recovery
When your data is lost, feel secure in the knowledge that by using our data centre for your disaster recovery plan, you will be able to roll back the clock and retrieve your latest data backup.

Business continuity
When you have issues beyond your control, your investment in a strong business continuity plan allows your business to carry on working despite data loss. With constant data replication on separate machines and access to alternative premises, you and your staff can access your data immediately without noticing the difference or causing major downtime.

Contact our cloud & connectivity team to find out more about the data centre and cloud options available to your business.

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