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Our virtualisation solutions enable the migration of traditional server hardware to a single piece of hardware or a high availability cluster either on-site or in our data centre. This cost-saving solution allows you to run multiple operating systems, incorporating applications, such as websites and databases, by automatically allocating spare processing and memory resources to ensure the performance of an individual application is maintained.

Our VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualised server environments enable new servers and applications to be implemented quickly and efficiently - within hours if required - instead of having to wait for the delivery of hardware and software.


Powerful and flexible
Virtualisation provides customers with a powerful and flexible facility for setting up test environments prior to going live. Virtualisation is easily scalable and seasonal traffic spikes can be addressed with ease. We can also deliver a high level of resilience to protect your environment from any server and operating system outages.

With the ability to detect server issues and initiate a new server resource to the virtual machine, downtime is limited and your resources remain online and available to your staff, customers and suppliers.

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