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Historically, building resilience into any internet connectivity solution or wide area network (WAN) relied on businesses investing in secondary wired failover connections, such as broadband or EFM.

However, these backup connections often shared the same single points of failure as the primary due to the amount of shared network infrastructure being used by businesses across the UK. A fault on one provider’s network is likely to affect another network too.

4G mobile connectivity for resilience
By its very nature, 4G does not rely on physical cables and therefore will not be affected by exchange or infrastructure issues.

As a result, we have has successfully deployed routers with an integrated 4G SIM card to provide a secondary route. Hardware redundancy is achieved by using hot standby router protocol (HSRP) to switch between the 4G router and the router terminating the wired connection. So if your primary connection fails then all your traffic will be directed via the 4G, which will keep your business operational while the fault is being resolved.

With 4G now becoming increasingly available, this mobile connectivity has become a solid resilient failover solution for UK businesses.

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