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Mobility & bring your own device

Technology means work is defined by what we do rather than where we are. Employees can still be an effective asset whether they are working from home, in the car, at a customer site, in a hotel room, in another country and so on.

Wherever your staff work, it is crucial for them to have easy access to corporate services, such as telephony, email, unified communications, directories, CRMs and the other applications they need to do their job.

Mobility and bring your own device (BYOD) solutions

Mobile telephony technology allows your staff to be agile and work anywhere within your own business premises, using cordless handsets, laptops, corporate mobile or BYOD devices, all on a secure, integrated wireless network. By utilising your network and the internet, we can also extend this reach worldwide, which can have the benefit of reducing mobile costs while abroad as an example.


Single number reach
Anyone within the corporate environment or working away from the office can have a single number and use simple, intuitive technology to direct their phone calls and messaging to their mobile devices, e.g. smartphone, laptop or tablet. These devices can provide a presence status of contacts too, so time is not wasted calling unanswered phones, going to voicemail or being re-directed.

Our mobility solutions will help your distributed workforce fully embrace home working, keep your field-based consultants integrated with your office staff, keep your travel and operating costs to a minimum and even provide you with disaster recovery options for your network.


We supply a vast range of mobility solutions, so you can communicate seamlessly with customers, business partners and colleagues wherever you are working. These include:


  • Mobile phones
  • IP and soft phones
  • Presence, instant and unified messaging
  • Video, audio and data conferencing
  • Private networking and VPNs
  • Scalable Wi-Fi solutions

BYOD, mobile device and mobile application management (MDM and MAM)
However you support mobile working, whether through a corporate-owned estate of devices or through a bring your own device (BYOD) policy, these devices need to be protected. Allowing staff to use their personal devices creates cost savings and increases productivity, but IT staff still need to monitor what data is accessed and shared to ensure nothing gets into the wrong hands.


MDM and MAM solutions will ensure both corporately-owned and personal devices are efficiently protected. Devices are managed remotely by your IT team so sensitive company information can be quickly deleted if an employee leaves or loses their device, while data can be backed up in line with business continuity policies, and system and application updates are enforced too. We can even create a walled garden meaning that personal data will not be affected but work data can be administered by the IT team. In short, businesses benefit from all the cost savings of BYOD but remain in control.


Choose your own device (CYOD) can act as an effective middle ground allowing a business to have a control over the device their employee uses while still offering an element of choice. This can be as simple as setting tiers for price levels and then stipulating an operating system: Android or iOS, for example.


Once you have an approved list of devices the IT department is happy to support, your staff can choose the devices they are happy with, which should reduce take up and training time, while the business retains full ownership and control with a corporate security solution.


To find out more about the mobility options that may enhance your business, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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