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Video, audio & data conferencing

With the advent of social media and disruptive technologies, such as Skype, FaceTime, Hangouts etc., using video conferencing has moved on from the traditional view of a cumbersome, expensive and user-unfriendly experience.


Now it is extremely easy to provide a business-grade experience with guest invites, presentation sharing and messaging capabilities without the relatively patchy experience of a more consumer-focused product as mentioned above. It’s also the case that sometimes a face-to-face meeting is just not feasible or a multi-party meeting aimed at gathering people from across the country or world is just proving impossible to organise or too costly to justify.

Businesses can now quickly and effectively meet with multiple colleagues and clients to respond to daily challenges to increase productivity and gain a competitive advantage while at the same time reducing travel expenses and meeting corporate green aims. There are other soft costs to take into account such as the ‘dead-time’ spent travelling between meetings.

Efficiently bring people together
While audio meetings definitely have the ability to efficiently bring people together, the evolution of HD technology enables face-to-face exchanges through video conferencing with the addition of document sharing, instant messaging and integration, all within an easy to use, customer-friendly application.

Improved connectivity allows users to join into the conference room from remote locations by utilising hosted video bridges. This allows multiple participants on multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs. Video conferences can also be delivered via a web client for guests therefore reducing the impact on IT requirements for end users.

We can scale a video conferencing solution to suit a company’s needs in terms of size and performance and, working with specialist partners, we can provide the full audio visual solution, including room set-up, bespoke furniture, lighting and microphones.

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