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Connectivity for schools


We can create efficient, secure and cost-saving local area networks (LANs) to provide an IT rich environment for your school, academy or college.

A fast, secure and reliable LAN is vital for schools where there is increasing pressure to embrace technology and prepare children for the hi-tech world that awaits them. Our wireless LANs (WLANs) link tablets, teachers’ laptops, handsets, whiteboards and much more for improved mobility and extra learning resources

Providing LAN solutions is core to our business, particularly in the education sector, where we have enjoyed considerable success due to our consultancy-style approach to establish the current and future needs to propose a technically and commercially suitable solution.

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Connectivity for schools

Telephone systems for schools

We provide schools, academies and colleges with future-proofed telephone systems that are able to cope with the heavy demands placed on them.

The education sector is expected to be at the forefront of technological change and innovation but budgetary constraints often mean that this can be far from the truth as many continue to struggle with out-of-date telephony equipment, unaware of the benefits that a simple upgrade could provide.

swcomms understands the strain often experienced by schools, and by reception staff in particular, but also appreciate the needs of parents. With 30+ years of experience working within the education sector, our range of solutions is designed to cope with the demands of schools of all sizes.

View our short video case study from Chichester High School for Girls:


We support the education sector so you can concentrate on securing better outcomes for your students.

Other education services

Internet connectivity

We supply Internet connectivity to suit your school, academy or college. If you have previously had yours provided by a county council-backed organisation, you will have been sharing your bandwidth with other schools in your area and its speed will have been compromised. We can supply you with dedicated Internet access that is just for your staff and your pupils.

Web filtering

Encourage creative and productive Internet use and meet the demands of the Prevent Duty Guidance while managing the web content students should or shouldn’t see with web filtering tools you control. Undesirable material amd other potential distractions can be blocked or managed without disrupting learning-based web resources.

Network security

We supply anti-malware and web security that detects and blocks web-borne malware and viruses, as well as other malicious hidden content A web proxy cache helps to reduce bandwidth utilisation by storing and retrieving frequently accessed web pages. This is of particular benefit in a classroom environment where many users will be looking at the same material.

Education sector testimonials

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swcomms helped us pick the right telephone system for our needs. The project management and engineers were fantastic and bent over backwards for us. The training day spent at swcomms was invaluable and all documentation provided was excellent.”

Stuart Wilkie, network manager

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“We are very happy with our installation. It has saved us a lot of valuable time. We would happily recommend
swcomms to other schools.”

Janet Craze, administrator

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“Smoothwall offers us the versatility we need with the ability to filter by age group or by staff and students.”

Kevin Smith, network manager

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“We looked at a large number of companies and systems before choosing swcomms. From the offset, swcomms filled us with confidence. They had previous experience in the education sector, were able to answer all our questions and put us at ease on the technical issues.”

Mat McMahon, network manager

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