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Taurus Clearer Communication Ltd

You have reached this page as Taurus Clearer Communication Ltd is now part of swcomms and Focus Group. 

Taurus was acquired almost a year ago and have been happily working together as one business. From August 1, 2022, Taurus will be known at swcomms. This will mean all Taurus communication will bear the swcomms brand and the website will be re-directed here.

Please use the same numbers and platforms to contact Taurus on:

Accounts and sales: 01392 202000
Service support: 01392 202020


Most importantly though, the people you are used to working with will still be here for you!

Jason, Ben, Mike, Adrian, the Marks, Andrew, Iain, Jonny, Lee, Dee, Peter, Reece, Simon, Stephen, Tarquin, Wayne, Rebekah, Kate, Kaitlin, Matt, Tom and Lynn are ready to support your solutions and to answer any queries, along with all our colleagues at swcomms

If you follow us on social media, please follow swcomms on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and Instagram for all our latest news.

Kind regards
Richard Whybra and Brian Lodge

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