Torquay Boys’ Grammar School case study

Torquay Boys’ Grammar School

Case study

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Torquay Boys’ Grammar School had been a long-term subscriber to the South West Grid for Learning’s web filtering service but had increasingly found this to be too inflexible. The School’s use of bring your own devices (BYOD) had tripled in the preceding months with more and more students and staff bringing in their own smartphones, tablets and laptops, and requiring access to the School’s network as a result.

The School needed a web filtering service that would keep step with the demands on its network. The network manager wanted to set its own filtering policies as and when they were required without having to wait for third party involvement.

Our account manager advised the School to invest in a Smoothwall web filtering gateway product for:

  • Protection against web-borne viruses, spyware and phishing
  • Real-time analysis to block websites, inappropriate search engine content and social media sites
  • In-house management and monitoring

The network manager can apply “who, what, when, where” filtering policies to enable access by year group, student or staff status, time of day or location of the device used. Students are protected while staff have more freedom to browse.

Protection against network downtime and disruption is aided by preventing inappropriate traffic from jamming the network. The School can limit bandwidth use too by policy, category, user, time or location.

BYOD filtering for pupils, staff and guests ensures every user has to log onto the network to identify themselves before using their devices. This School then has control over what content they are accessing while on the premises.

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