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Use a data centre to keep your distributed workforce productive

Posted by Colin Woods on 29/05 at 10:00 AM Cloud services, Data centre,
Use a data centre to keep your distributed workforce productive

No-one would have envisaged the move to homeworking would have been driven by COVID-19. We are witnessing a change in the way we work, not just today, but for some time to come, maybe even forever. This could be a sea change moment in the standard working day for most of us.


Historically, we all gathered in our offices and because we worked in one place, it made sense for our critical data to also reside there, maybe just down the hall in our comms room.


This has been the sensible choice for decades, but the world has changed. We now find ourselves with distributed workforces with the vast majority of staff working from home. Our staff and data are no longer in one place.


This situation has proved challenging. We need to think about putting our business data somewhere more accessible, in a place where we know it is looked after, is totally secure and is completely accessible to a distributed workforce.


If we lose our data, we lose our business. You will hear lots of talk about the cloud, but you might not be ready to put all your data in a public facility. It could be that the logistics are challenging, or you are just not ready to make that leap of faith for now.


Is there a halfway house?


Is there somewhere that has all the advantages of the cloud, will make your data accessible to your staff who are all connecting on different broadband connections from different providers working from different locations?


The answer is yes...it’s called a data centre.


Data centres exist so that businesses like yours can put servers into a rack. It’s still your server, your data and you’re still in control, but all your staff can access it. Data centres by definition reside on the backbone of the internet and that cures so many problems, not least accessibility.


You may wish to read more around this subject in my recent blog that focuses on the connectivity challenges faced by businesses with home workers all trying to pull data from an office-based server.


If you want to talk to me about moving your servers to our data centre, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact details below. We can even move servers during the current social distancing restrictions.

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Colin Woods on 29/05/2020

Our head of business development and training Colin also likes to espouse the virtues of our data centre services, including co-location, cloud services, filtering, hosted exchange, traditional voice services through to SIP trunking, all aspects of internet connectivity and inter-site connectivity.

A Karate instructor for 28 years and a former UK squad member, Colin is little more relaxed in his spare time now choosing to walk his two dogs, Simba and Aslan.

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