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We have combined technological expertise with our knowledge of the hospitality sector to provide a total communications solution for hotels, including Wi-Fi, internet and network connectivity, telephone systems and personalised TV services.

Our solutions are tailored around a uniquely flexible finance package that allows you to reduce monthly payments during the low season while allowing you to provide the services your guests want during the high season.

We aim to give you an edge in a very competitive market to ensure you do not suffer the effects of a poor review published on a travel website and instead enjoy recommendations and repeat visitors.

We help you create a wireless experience your guests can rely on with solutions that are robust enough to cope with the demands of multiple mobile devices trying to check email, surf the internet, instant message, and so on, all at the same time. We also enable mobile staff to use wireless devices that give them the freedom to roam your premises while they are working.


Depending on the solution provided, we can also supply you with a user-friendly web-based dashboard that allows you to:

  • Quickly ascertain if there are any issues with your access points
  • Amend your personalised welcome web page
  • Evenly distribute bandwidth across all the devices using the WiFi network
  • Set web filtering parameters to ensure guests cannot view or download any undesirable content
  • Gain valuable marketing information, such as guest emails

Whatever your size, hotels rely on connectivity to offer internet access to their guest while also using it for their own business needs, such as email. Choosing the right internet connection shouldn’t just be about speed it should be about resilience too and we have a range of options to meet the needs of the hospitality industry.

Furthermore, we also deploy efficient, secure and resilient data networks to provide the backbone for your hotel’s PCs, printers, photocopiers, CCTV, electronic signage, as well as guest services, such as telephone handsets, Wi-Fi, TV service and so much more.

Telephone systems
Hotels face numerous challenges nowadays, not least their receptionists having to manage multiple tasks simultaneously…handle reservations, check-in arrivals, provide information to all guests, while remaining friendly, patient and flexible. Hotels must also control costs, while maintaining a high-quality guest experience.

We are helping hotels meet these different challenges with a number of telephone system features dedicated to the hospitality market without needing to integrate with a property management system and a call billing service.

Centralised TV services
Your guests can watch the programmes they enjoy at home while embracing a paperless marketing environment. Our high quality TVs are FreeView and Sky HD compatible with excellent LED picture quality. They benefit from low energy consumption and maintenance for lower cost of ownership.

They offer centralised control over maximum volume limits, forced start channels, etc. while also limiting spending on in-room paper marketing materials with its ability to display useful branded information e.g. food menus, local attractions, weather.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you feel we could assist you with any upcoming projects or challenges.

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