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Public sector

We provide flexible, scalable and reliable communications solutions to meet the exacting requirements of public sector and charitable organisations.


We work with large healthcare and education organisations, plus councils, housing associations and multiple charities and are an approved supplier on the Crown Commercial RM3808 Network Services 2 framework agreement for lots 2, 3, 5 and 10 and the Jisc Telephony Purchasing Service framework.


We design, install and support:

Local connectivity services
Local area networks to support both voice, data and PoE, along with fit-for-purpose Wi-Fi solutions that offer IT departments complete visibility of the devices using these networks.


Traditional telephony services
Lines and minutes, including legacy PSTN/ISDN services, internet-supported SIP, DDIs, flexible numbering plans, disaster recovery options, fraud protection, management platforms and useful call statistics.


IP telephony solutions
For single site organisations or to link multiple sites for seamless call handling using data networks for resilience, easy growth and flexibility.


Unified communications solutions
Integrated messaging, call and sharing functionality to enhance productivity, improve customer service and include remote or mobile workers.


Our solutions are flexible enough to suit the requirements of public sector and charitable organisations of all sizes, whether they are located on a single site or spread over multiple locations.


We also deploy and support multimedia contact centres, BYOD, CRM and ERP integration as required to help project a professional and responsive representation to colleagues and clients.  


As an experienced single solutions provider, we specialise in connectivity, data centre, cloud and cyber security services too to enhance of any of the above services.


Please do not hesitate to contact our experience team at bid.team@swcomms.co.uk to discuss any projects you may need our assistance with or to invite us to log our details on your procurement portals.



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