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Veterinary practices are dealing with their daily communications challenges with the help of modern technology, especially as more and more are becoming part of veterinary groups to share resources and find cost savings.

We have helped vets achieve these goals using converged networks to link on-premise and cloud-based voice and data solutions. Our aim is to allow you to work as a single entity, whether a stand-alone practice or multi-site business, so you can give the best service to your clients and their pets.


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You will be able to answer calls at any location, wherever there is a member of staff available, and will be able to transfer calls between rooms and sites with ease. Your on-hold message can give out important information on out-of-hours services while an automated attendant can direct your calls to the most appropriate member of staff and you can use selective call recording to keep an audit of any important conversations.


Meanwhile, our wired and wireless connectivity solutions mean you will also be able to access your patients’ records, electronic notes and your management software from wherever you are working, while also being able to use the internet, offer Wi-Fi to your clients and use EPOS links to take payments.

Whatever your veterinary practice or group’s particular needs, we will work with you to provide the solution you need to make certain aspects of your daily activities much easier.

We are happy to advise you on the merits of the different options available and on what would best suit your requirements and your budget. If you think your veterinary practice or group would benefit from our guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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